How to set proxy settings for R (Mac OSX)

I run R behind a firewall, and found it tricky to set the proxy settings for R so that I could directly install packages, access outside data using load(url()), etc. The solution lies in the http_proxy environment variable. Here is how to set it up:

Create a text file called .Rprofile in your home directory (on Mac OSX, this is ~ or /Users/myuser/). This text file should have the following line in it:


substituting your own username, password, and proxy server and port settings of course.

It seems that running this from R before you need it does not work, since I have heard reports that it only works if you run it as the first command in R when you start a new R session. By setting this up in your ~/.Rprofile you avoid having to retype it each time you start R, as well as making sure that this command is run at startup.

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  • Will



    in ~/.Renviron will work too.

  • alex

    But what if I want to use my Notebook sometimes behind a firewall and sometimes don’t?
    I find it difficult to change invisible files often.

  • Alex: To undo the proxy setting, I thought that

    Sys.unsetenv(“http_proxy”) would work, but it doesn’t.

  • nada-surfer

    How to set a proxy for R under Windows the easy way (for a proxy that requires authentication):
    I tried to implement the original suggestion under Windows, but didn’t succeed (although I’m sure the profile file was loaded). However, here is a much simpler way (by courtesy of folks from the TCD Stats Department):
    Right-click on the shortcut that is used to open R. Click on ‘Properties’. In the ‘Target’ box, where it says “…\Rgui.exe”, simply add the following:
    http_proxy= http_proxy_user=ask
    Click Apply and OK.

    This version also has the advantage that the user is prompted to type in the password once per session; thus, you don’t have to write it down anywhere as clear text.

  • antonio81

    hi, i try this and it woks perfect :

  • Nops

    Hi, I got it working, but now I’m using my computer in different location so I would need to take the proxy settings off. I simply deleted the .Rprofile but it didn’t help. What should I do? I’m using a Mac.

  • Thank you !
    Don’t know why R doesn’t look at the http_proxy env variable…