Favorite Software

Statistical Software

  • R, a powerful open-source statistical package and programming language
  • Stata, the best general-purpose commercial statistical software

Text Editors and Text Processing

  • Aquamacs, the best implementation of the Universe’s greatest text editor
  • MacTex, a great and easy way to install TeX on OS/X
  • BibDesk, a fantatistic OS/X GUI manager for BibTeX
  • LaTeXiT!, a LaTeX equation typesetter for OS/X that works separately from LaTeX
  • Beamer, a LaTeX-based presentation system

Web publishing

  • WordPress, a system for managing websites and blogs

Communications and Network Utilities

  • Cyberduck, the awesome all-purpose ftp/SSH/WebDAV transfer client

Misc Mac-related


  • OpenSUSE Linux, my favorite distribution of Linux when I am not using OS/X
  • MySQL, my open-source database of choice