My pre-first round Hungarian forecast judged the most accurate

April 28th, 2010 Ken Posted in Latest research No Comments »

You have to be able to read Hungarian, but here is the story:

A Republikoné és a Századvégé volt a legpontosabb mandátumbecslés”

Don’t read Hungarian? Try|en|.

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Hungary’s Fidesz will win a Two-Thirds Majority of Seats on April 25

April 21st, 2010 Ken Posted in Latest research, Uncategorized No Comments »

My forecast of the final parliamentary seat distribution for the Hungarian elections is the following:

Fidesz: 264 seats (68.4%)
MSZP: 58 seats (15%)
Jobbik: 48 seats (12.4%)
LMP: 16 seats (4.1%)

I’ve written about this in more detail in a post on the Monkey Cage blog.

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