Field seminar B 2009-2010, Spring Weeks 6 and 7

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NOTE: Week 6 will be a double-length session, since Week 7 clashes with the Political Economy mini-conference. As a result, there is no field seminar meeting on Mar 12. Instead, the Week 6 (Feb 26) will last from 9-13:00.

Strategic Behavior , Dr. Jon Slapin


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Field seminar B 2009-2010, Week 10

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The Michigan Model, Professor Michael Marsh

This is classically presented in A. Cambell et al The American Voter, which is available via Google online. Critical chapters are 2, 6 and 7. Or look at a redced version, for instance in R. Niemi and H. Weisberg eds, Classics in Electoral Behaviour ch 22 [based on TAV ch 6-7].

A sympathetic  but contemporary restatement is M. Lewis-Beck at al, The American Voter Revisited ch 6-7.

For Ireland

Michael Marsh, Party identification in Ireland An insecure anchor for a floating party system’, Electoral Studies, 25, (3), 2006, p489 – 508
[available from INES page at]

A recent debate on party identification is Bartle and Bellucci’s edited volume Political Parties and Partisanship, Routledge 2008.  See esp:

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