Update on unlocking iPhones

September 9th, 2009 Ken Posted in Computers, Macintosh 2 Comments »

The best way to unlock modern iPhones using the most recent Apple firmwares is to use RedSn0w. Here is a guide for unlocking the 2G iPhones (such as mine). If you want to unlock a 3G or 3GS, you need to jailbreak the phone first using RedSn0w, and then unlock it using UltraSn0w, the unlocking tool for iPhone 3G.

The general website for unlocking iPhones, from the iPhone Dev-Team, can be found at their blog.

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How to set proxy settings for R (Mac OSX)

January 14th, 2009 Ken Posted in Macintosh, Statistics 7 Comments »

I run R behind a firewall, and found it tricky to set the proxy settings for R so that I could directly install packages, access outside data using load(url()), etc. The solution lies in the http_proxy environment variable. Here is how to set it up:

Create a text file called .Rprofile in your home directory (on Mac OSX, this is ~ or /Users/myuser/). This text file should have the following line in it:


substituting your own username, password, and proxy server and port settings of course.

It seems that running this from R before you need it does not work, since I have heard reports that it only works if you run it as the first command in R when you start a new R session. By setting this up in your ~/.Rprofile you avoid having to retype it each time you start R, as well as making sure that this command is run at startup.

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